What to beware of before traveling to Florida?

Florida, along with New York and California, is one of the most visited places in the US. Tourists are attracted by its sun, sea, white sand, beautiful nature, as well as shopping, amusement parks, golf, fishing, diving or yachting. So, how to make your stay here a pleasant and carefree experience instead of a nightmare?

Language barrier

You cannot do without English in Florida. After all, you will find out at the airport already, as you will be interviewed by an immigration officer upon your arrival. You will be asked basic questions such as the purpose of your trip, the address of your stay in the US, or the date of your departure. Usually, the entire “procedure” takes barely five minutes and is not tricky, but rather serves to verify that you are able to communicate in the US. At least the basics of English therefore come in handy. Another option is Spanish, as Florida was a Spanish colony until 1819.

Airport checks

The airport checks are getting stricter and stricter, so be very careful about what you bring in your suitcase to Florida. The Czech delicacies - such as salami, popular schnitzels or pâtés - which might be difficult for you to give up, could get you in a serious trouble. Beware of unfinished snacks. At best, the airport security staff will confiscate the food. At worst, you can pay a fine of ten thousand dollars.


A pleasant warm and balanced climate is typical for Florida, so it is one of the favorite tourist destinations all year round. Summers are hot and humid, winters are mild and dry. But Florida, that’s also hurricanes and tropical cyclones that can make your life considerably unpleasant. The majority of these natural phenomena appear in Florida in the period from August to October, so you’d better plan your journey at another time of the year. If you do not want to lie on the beach and prefer hiking, come in January or February. Temperatures in this period resemble those of the Czech spring, it rains less and humidity levels are moderate.

Travelling by car

Have you decided to travel about the US on your own? In that case you can rent a car and enjoy your independence and flexibility. However, before you start driving down the legendary American roads and open yourselves to new experiences, you will need to obtain the international driving license in the Czech Republic. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just fill in the appropriate form at the municipal office and pay a small fee. Also, be aware of Florida's local road rules, such as various specific signs and speed limits. The fines are really high, so don't spoil your trip unnecessarily.