What shouldn’t you forget to do before traveling to the USA?

Nowadays, everyone can travel virtually anywhere, especially if not limited by budget. The United States of America have become a much more affordable option too. But the journey “across the pond” needs to be well planned, so as not to get surprised anyhow. In particular, it is necessary to arrange certain formalities. What shouldn’t you forget to do?

Airplane tickets

If you plan to travel to the US, you should start looking for airplane tickets at least two or three months before your departure. The tickets may be purchased at a number of companies that naturally offer them at different prices, varying, besides other things, according to the demand, season, competition and many other factors. If you are lucky, you can get tickets at a promotional price, sometimes even less than CZK 10,000 for a return ticket with fees and taxes included. However, the biggest disadvantage of such tickets is that their number is strictly limited. In addition to that, not everyone is ready for a quick departure within a few days or, on the contrary, for a late one after many long months of waiting. Check if your luggage is included in the ticket price, because sometimes you have to pay for it separately, which can significantly increase the price.

Documents for admission into the USA

One cannot travel to the US without a biometric passport featuring your biometric data, including fingerprints. Such passports have been issued in the Czech Republic since September 2006. If you still haven’t got one, you need to get it issued. Keep in mind that it may take up to several weeks and apply well in advance. Since 2008, citizens of the Czech Republic no longer need visa to enter the US, unless their stay exceeds 90 days. All you need to do is to apply for the ESTA travel authorization, which is a permit entitling you to enter the US. It can be conveniently done online on the website of the US Embassy. For a fee of $ 14 you receive the necessary travel document in a few minutes.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is another thing that should not be forgotten. It is more expensive than insurance for far more dangerous countries, but it pays off. The cost of health care is one of the highest in the US. If anything happens and you need medical treatment, you will have troubles to pay without being insured. On average, the cost of treatment amounts at a quarter of a million crowns, and you certainly would not want to pay such sum out of your own pocket. We therefore suggest sticking to the motto: those who are ready are not taken by surprise!