• Ilona a Mirek, Brno Ilona a Mirek, Brno 04/2019

    We had been thinking about buying a property abroad for a long time. Florida was a clear choice for us, because during our few vacations there we fell completely in love with it. But making such a life decision is not easy. Therefore, we spent a lot of time finding out the necessary information and browsing through the listings. Finally, a Florida home from Florida Homes, which specializes in local real estate, caught our eye and it was decided. Right at the first meeting they impressed us not only with their preparedness, their perfect knowledge of the real estate market, an incredible overview of the properties available, but also with the patient and friendly approach of the agents. 


    Since we did not know the local specifics, such as laws or tax regulations, we were pleased to have a reliable partner at our side, who safely and successfully carried us through the process from start to finish. They didn’t overlook a single detail, which only confirms their experience. Now we can look forward to our "summer residence", which we relish every chance we get. Thank you for helping us finds our second home.

  • Petra a Roman, Praha Petra a Roman, Praha 03/2019

    Owning a property in Florida was our longtime dream a year-round climate, hot sun, sandy beaches, the blue ocean, what more could you want? But embarking on the realization of our dream without any experience and without knowing the local market would have been impossible. We didn't know where, how and what to begin with. Fortunately, we were quite lucky in choosing a real estate agent, something which we felt at our first meeting. A great combination of professionalism, humanity, flexibility, and a willingness to help us meet our every desire, which is not always easy with us.


    Florida Homes helped us to find a house that fully meets our requirements and needs. The whole process, from the very beginning to the handover of the keys, was surprisingly fast and smooth. It wasn't long before we had our own piece of paradise, where we spend every free moment. We thank Mr. Kral and his whole team!

  • Jana a Ivan, Praha Jana a Ivan, Praha 02/2019

    We would like to express our warmest thanks to the whole Florida Homes company. The services of Mr. Peter Kral and his team of brokers and agents were, in a word, perfect. The range of properties and listings we were shown was much wider than that of the competition, making it easier for us to find the home we had been thinking about.


    The team advised us throughout the selection process, and took care of all the paperwork that was associated with buying a home in Florida. They saved us a lot of time and worry. They are true professionals who, in addition to their years of experience, brought a human approach and the necessary empathy to what can be the anxious task of finding the best home. Mr. Kral and his team were always available to patiently answer our endless and sometimes silly questions, advised us about what to look out for, and clearly explained what would be the next steps keeping us up to date on the status of our purchase. Their exceptional organizational skills, enthusiasm for the job, helpfulness and perfect knowledge of the real estate market can only be envied by other real estate agents. We are happy to recommend Florida Homes to others.

  • Martina a Pavel, Praha Martina a Pavel, Praha 04/2019

    Buying a property abroad entails some risks, especially for people like us who were unfamiliar with the local real estate market. That was why we were looking for a person we could trust. So we relied on the recommendation of our friends who had already had experience with the Florida Homes real estate agency and approached Mr. Peter Kral directly. His professionalism, meticulousness, broad knowledge, great negotiations and 110% commitment left us in no doubt that we were placed in the right hands. He was willing to take care of the whole process; the complications that he encountered were solved with ease, without emotion, and, most importantly, quickly.


    He always got us all the required information, kept explaining all the steps to us, pointed out possible shortcomings, risks, and issues we had not anticipated. In Petr and in all of the people at Florida Homes we could see that they not only understand their work but also enjoy it, a priceless combination. We wish there were more like Mr. Kral and Florida Homes!

  • Romana a Ivan, Brno Romana a Ivan, Brno 04/2019

    We'd been looking for a place to become our second home for a long time. The choice eventually fell to sunny Florida. But we were worried that buying a property there was too complicated. We confess, we were worried. Fortunately, we "ran into" Florida Homes and our fears vanished. We always received clear, timely and, above all, understandable communication, a willingness to help at any time, and constant availability by phone or e-mail.With this approach Florida Homes immediately gained our confidence. We always felt we were a priority for them as they kept our interests and satisfaction in mind.


    The biggest relief was that we didn't have to worry about anything. Mr. Kral and his team arranged everything so that basically just our signature was enough. We could put all the worries behind us. Thanks to them, buying a Florida property was a walk in the park. Not only did they provide us with a house that soon became our second home, but they also offered us a helping hand after buying it and took on for us other tasks as they came up. It is a pity that all our dreams cannot be fulfilled as easily by Florida Homes.

  • Michaela a Václav, Praha Michaela a Václav, Praha 06/2019

    After some experiences with other real estate agencies, we were beginning to lose hope that we could realize our dream of living in Florida. There are enough people on the market who just want to enrich themselves at the expense of others, so finding someone really solid and good was literally a superhuman task. Decency and honesty don’t seem to be the standard in this business. So it was all the more surprising when we came across the positive attitude and helpfulness of the Florida Homes realtor, who undertook to help us, as much as possible.


    The work and professionalism of Florida Homes dispelled our pessimism about the possibility of owning a new home and relieved all of our concerns, which were more than just a few. All of our discussions took place in a very friendly atmosphere, so we ended up enjoying the search and it did not become the nightmare we thought it might. Perhaps most importantly, we weren’t rushed into making a decision; no one pushed us into anything. We were always given plenty of time to think about and go over everything. With that we want to thank the whole team, headed by Mr. Kral, for taking care of us in an outstanding way. And we wish them a lot of satisfied clients like us!

  • Věra a Ladislav, Ostrava Věra a Ladislav, Ostrava 05/2019

    Dear Florida Homes Team: We wanted to thank you for helping make us the proud owners of a Florida property. We’re a little worried that others might not believe the great things we have to say about our experience with Florida Homes. But after working with the team, we can’t say anything less. You have always acted fairly and straightforwardly; you remained incredibly flexible and above all patients throughout the process despite our not being "trouble-free" clients. In short, we had a few essential requirements, which we did not want to compromise on.


    Fortunately, Florida Homes was able to meet these with ease. We have admired the willingness, perseverance and friendliness of the entire team. Thanks to your recommendations, we've managed to find the property that fit our ideas perfectly. A property that has become more than just an ordinary house for us. Thank you and we wish you continuing success within the intricate labyrinth of the real estate market.

  • Radim a Eva, Ostrava Radim a Eva, Ostrava 07/2019

    A week ago, my family and I returned from Florida where we had passed a dream vacation. To be honest, we were a bit worried at our departure about how everything would be going and come of. But the worries proved groundless. Our rented, luxuriously equipped, house offered all the comfort and facilities our family needed.


    This peaceful retreat soon became a real home to us. We especially appreciated the attractive location very close to the beach, where we could enjoy time spent with kids while relaxing and and during water games. Of course, we could not miss a visit to an amusement park too - by the way, thank you again for organization of the entire trip, including the tickets and transport. We haven’t had such a relaxing and carefree holiday for a long time. We are definitely going to take advantage of your services again.

  • Marcela a Jaroslav, Plzeň Marcela a Jaroslav, Plzeň 09/2019

    Me and a bunch of my friends, we decided one day to pack our bags and to fly away to Florida. Thanks to you, we could get to know every inch of and crisscross the whole country. As to the comfort, the house we rented could no problem compete any five-star hotel. Besides that, unlike in a hotel, we did not stay cut off from the world and could get to know local culture and life.


    As we are all active sportsmen, we appreciated the house location much as there were plenty of opportunities to remain physically active, as for instance many tennis courts, cycling and cross-country trails, and golf courses. We also thank you for negotiating favorable terms of our car rental and for providing us with valuable tips, advice and recommendations on where to go. Everything was just perfect, so we will be happy to contact you next time again. We are already tuning the date of our next journey to Florida.

  • Petr a Lenka, Praha Petr a Lenka, Praha 01/2020

    We had long been looking for an optimal estate to build our own dream house. True, we had great expectations and high demands as to the plot’s size, price and location. Simply put, we were looking for an area that would immediately enthrall us with its atmosphere, for a truly idyllic place.


    We nevertheless were not much versed in the various locations of Florida, so we needed someone to give us advice. Florida Homes readily took care of us: arranged for the purchase of the estate, alerted us to all the facts, including potential shortcomings and possible future restrictions as to the design of the building. Now we are proud owners of the plot and can start building.