Orlando – Why Shouldn’t it Miss on Your Must-See List

Orlando is one of the largest cities in Florida. It is visited by 70 million tourists every year, making it one of the world's most sought-after destinations. What makes it so special and why should it appear on your must-see list?

walt disney world

“BEST” Theme Parks

Orlando is famous for its many amusement parks. Although the tickets are not exactly cheap – a ticket costs a few thousand crowns - it is definitely worth the “sacrificed” money. The thing is that they offer utterly unforgettable experiences. Visiting the Walt Disney World Park, which is the most frequented and the largest amusement park on earth, is simply a must. The magic of Disney’s fairy tales mesmerizes everyone without exception - not only children, but also their parents, grandparents or young couples. Film lovers should not miss a visit to the Universal Studios, undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist magnets. You will have a chance to explore the backstage of various movies, as for instance the Harry Potter's magic world. If you enjoy water attractions and fun, then set off for the Sea World to see dolphins, penguins, sharks or sea lions up close. Its neighbor, the Discovery Cove Park, is focused on the undersea life.


Once you have enjoyed the theme parks’ attractions of all kinds and, assuming you have any money left, you can dive into another adrenaline activity - shopping. The unbelievably low prices combined with the quality of goods on sale will make you experience euphoria and joy. The Florida Mall is at your disposal, while the Millenia Store is ready to satisfy the more demanding shoppers. Those looking for discounts and special offers will be in their element at the Orlando International Premium Outlet Mall, located in the heart of the city and offering shopping at 180 stores, including those of the world-renowned brands.

Orlando Magic NBA


Rather than shopping, gentlemen will appreciate more the sport matches taking place in the city for sure. It would almost be a sin not to see one of the America's most popular sports, the basketball, especially as Orlando Magic, the local team, is a member of the NBA. The matches are simply spectacular and will be certainly enjoyed even by those who are normally not fans of this sport. Great deal of football, hockey and baseball matches take place in the city too. Car racing enthusiasts will certainly be thrilled when visiting the NASCAR races organized on the Daytona Beach just 50 miles from Orlando.

In brief, Orlando offers something for everyone, including you. Who knows, maybe the place will charm you so much that you’ll decide to spend more time here and will be thinking of finding your second home in here. Floridahomes will be happy to help you with the search, as we specialize in the sale of family houses, apartments and new properties throughout Florida. We can also deal with the lease and purchase of both residential and commercial properties and estates. We are here to make your dreams come true.