January public holidays in America – What is celebrated and what you may expect

There are many public holidays in the United States celebrated within individual states as well as nationwide. Simply said, Americans just love festivities and enjoy them in a big style. There are numerous festivals and events around the whole country and during such times cities can completely change. Let us introduce the first two holidays celebrated in the beginning of January and explain what is to be expected and experienced during this time.

New Year‘s Eve and New Year‘s Day

Americans celebrate this time in a similar way as we do, spending time with their dear ones, friends and family. There is also toasting, fireworks and partying. Festivities at the end of year are amongst the most popular and buoyant ones. Every year around a million people visit the legendary huge party on the Times Square in New York. Those who want to escape the cold and freezing temperatures head for Los Angeles. The grand style enthusiasts opt for Las Vegas, others enjoy welcoming the New Year on the beaches of Miami. Typical for the 1st of January are also various sport events, such as American football or ice hockey matches.

Nový rok

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Since 2000 the Martin Luther King Day has been federally accepted nationwide, marking the birthday of the internationally recognised Reverend, Nobel Prize winner and civil rights, justice and peace fighter, Martin Luther King, who fought against the racial discrimination and was behind the repealing of the laws that had racially separated America. People commemorate the legacy of the black hero every third Monday of January by celebrations, processions and gatherings including various speeches and debates on the philosophical and theological principles.

What to expect?

It is always a good idea to check the situation on internet before setting off for the journey as it can spare you a lot of inconveniences. Celebrations mean numerous restrictions – various state institutions may be closed, the opening hours of shops and restaurants may differ. Also keep in mind that you may need to dig deeper in your pockets as the prices of flights and accommodation increase significantly and can even double in some cases. Travelling in general is usually more challenging. Often it seems like a small migration of nations and a probability of getting stuck in the traffic jam is quite high. If you are planning to travel by bus, book your tickets well in advance and check for possible changes to timetables.

Dopravná zápcha

However, if that does not put you off and you decide to spend these holidays in America, you will be rewarded by an unforgettable experience. And who knows, perhaps the atmosphere of visited places will charm you to such an extent that you decide to keep coming back over and over again, maybe even to buy yourself a second home there. Certainly you would not be the first ones. And in such case we would be more than happy to assist you for we specialise in buying and selling family homes, apartments and new-built property in Florida. We provide a complete service in buying and renting of the real estate as well as commercial property and land. You tell us your dreams and we will fulfil them!