Florida’s most popular residential areas - Which to choose?

Florida is a popular tourist destination and an ideal place for living. It offers year-round favorable warm and sunny weather, thousands of kilometers of white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, as well as numerous sports and cultural activities. The most sought-after locations include the southwest coast of Florida, washed by the warm and clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, especially the cities of Sarasota, Naples and Fort Myers.

Sarasota – Paradise on Earth

Sarasota is considered one of the most beautiful places in Florida, which is why the properties in this area are in great demand. The welcoming cosmopolitan calm and tranquility emanating city boasts not only breathtaking sunsets, but above all the beautiful white sand beaches that are famous all over the world. In the vicinity of Sarasota there are several barrier islands known as the Florida Keys, such as Lido Key and Siesta Key. In Sarasota, golf lovers will be in their element as there are countless superb golf courses. It will nevertheless also cater for the devotees of cultural events who can go to the theater, ballet, opera or museum, or sit in one of the many cafes and restaurants and taste great meals from all around the world.

Sarasota at night

Naples – an oasis of calm

Naples is one of the most sought-after, renowned and fancy places in southwestern Florida. It could be very well called an oasis of peace. The city is calmer and very conservative. You will find virtually no nightclubs in here, with most restaurants and bars closing by 22 pm the latest. There are churches and parks here rather than bars and pubs. Enjoy the longed-for tranquility on the beautiful sandy beaches, fishing or any of Naples’ many golf courses of all levels. The 5th Avenue with plenty of brand shops is certainly local hot spot. Even if you are not in the mood for shopping, we can guarantee that a walk along this street itself is an unforgettable experience.

Fort Myers beach

Fort Myers – the city of palm trees

Fort Myers belongs among the greatest tourist destinations of the entire southwest coast, offering everything the human heart desires - beautiful beaches, dozens of golf courses, beautiful nature parks and reserves, high security or a wide range of shopping opportunities. A great advantage of Fort Myers is the international airport, which is located only half an hour from the city center. Sports enthusiasts will also appreciate the place, as it is home to professional basketball teams and a hockey team. If you don't just watch sport but want to do it actively, there are many opportunities too. There are plenty of cycling paths and ideal terrain for jogging and, of course, many tennis courts and golf courses.

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