Florida Homes - when dreams come true

After 1989, the borders finally opened to the Czechs and Slovaks who could suddenly go and see the world, travel, explore and discover both the nearby and distant corners of our planet that had been previously forbidden to them. Many took advantage of this opportunity and set out to the journey to live their dreams. And what was the top destination? The USA, of course.

“Across the pond”

Petr Král, then a student and now the owner of Florida Homes, was among those who set out “across the pond” too, the first time in 1992. For thirty years, he was working in the real estate, investment and development sectors, collecting valuable experience both in the Czech Republic and in the US, which he later capitalized on. He managed to stand up on his own feet and started his own business in the foreign environment. Florida Homes was founded to provide comprehensive home sales and rental services in Florida. Today it has a wide portfolio of properties and cooperates with renowned developers and proven partners. The company’s team comprises seasoned professionals with ample experience and knowledge, as well as a lot of patience and empathy to help people live their dreams.

Destination? Magical Florida

Florida is one of the world's most attractive locations. It entices with its sunny weather, the year-round pleasant climate, long white sandy beaches, sky-blue ocean, breathtaking sunsets, beautiful nature and a wealth of activities ranging from hiking, swimming, diving, yachting, tennis or golf through to amusement parks. It is therefore not difficult to succumb to Florida’s charm. For many people it is not enough to come here on holiday, which is why they are buying their own properties in here. Apartments and homes in Florida have become much more affordable to a wider group of people and not just to the few chosen ones. You can easily become a Florida property owner too. See for yourself, contact us and we'll show you how easy and comfortable your way to your new home with the help of Florida Homes is. So turn your wish into reality and enjoy your vacation till the end your life!