For the sake of clarity we divided the questions into several areas.


How to characterize the Florida real estate market ?

A well-regulated and licensed real estate market is typical for Florida. Real estate brokers conduct themselves in a way that is different from how such brokers operate in other countries. They must go through a fairly difficult and rigorous course of study that concludes by successfully passing the Florida state real estate exam. If this exam is passed, brokers receive their license and are able to engage in business. However, their education doesn’t stop with the license, as many continue to learn throughout their careers elements of the law, contract law, banking and finance as well as working with planning and zoning boards and dealing with local officials and state offices. Agents and brokers operate under very strict rules and any violation of those rules will result in the suspension or permanent revocation of their license to operate.

Is buying a property in Florida safe ?

In short, yes. There is no need to worry about the security of any transactions or the enforceability of any contracts. Real estate is highly regulated in Florida and the United States and all bank transactions are regulated by both state and federal rules. Brokers, bankers and lawyers all bear liability for the legality of a transaction, and each could lose their license to practice in the event of fraud. Further all brokers and banks are under strict and regular monitoring by the responsible government departments and licensing authorities.

Is it important to be represented by a real estate agent in Florida ?

It is not necessary to be represented by a real estate agent in Florida, but it makes the entire search and buying process much easier and more convenient to use their services. The real estate broker is a true professional who represents your interests throughout the buying process from beginning to end and can answer any questions that you might have. From scouting properties to all legal and financial matters related to the property purchase, your agent acts as a personal guide to both the market and the process. The broker is able to find the right properties that match your tastes and fits your budget because of his access to a central database of all kinds of properties, houses, and apartments in Florida which are available for purchase on the market at that time.  

Do you think it is a good idea to use multiple agents and their services when shopping for a property in Florida ?

Due to the real estate market, it is not. Most properties are offered through exclusive agents or brokerages who contract with sellers to offer their properties for sale.     

As a buyer, do I have to pay any commission to the real estate agent ?

If you are buying a property in Florida you do not pay any commission to the real estate agent. The commission is always paid by the seller. Fees and commissions are worked out between the agent and the seller before any purchaser enters the picture.   

What is the best location to buy a property in Florida ?

Florida offers all kinds of very nice and attractive locations. Everything depends on you and the location you are interested in. From beachfront properties, to golf and resort locations, to one of Florida’s many large, medium and small towns, Florida has everything. If you are interested in a wide search, we would be very glad to help you seek out locations and to arrange personal viewings of any properties you might like.

Is it better to buy a house or an apartment in Florida ?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions we often get. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer as both types of property have clear pros and cons and, ultimately, it depends on you and your specific housing or investment needs. There are many factors to take into account when making this decision – beginning with your budget, the location you choose and any other ‘must-haves’. If you value privacy and wish to enjoy a lawn and gardening, then a house is just what you’re looking for. If you’re an active social person who doesn’t mind sharing some spaces such as a swimming pool or gym, and who doesn’t want to maintain a lawn and garden, then an apartment would be the best choice for you.

Is it possible to finance buying a property with a mortgage in Florida ?

Yes, you are able to finance your new property with a mortgage in Florida. The average down payment is about 25-40% of the property’s value, and is paid by the buyer to the financier or bank. A payment receipt for this down payment, letters of reference from your country of origin and personal bank statements for the preceding six months are needed to obtain a mortgage for the remaining 60-75% of the property value.  We are also able to set up a mortgage for you directly from sources in Florida. 


Is the real estate insurance obligatory in Florida?

Property insurance is not obligatory. Buyers therefore often do not attach much importance thereto and are unpleasantly surprised by the amount of the insurance premium. However, do not underestimate the insurance. Even in Florida the weather can show its downside. It is therefore advisable to get ready for any extreme climate events. The amount of the insurance premium varies case by case depending on various factors, such as the age of the building, its safety features or the location, including the distance from the ocean.

Do I need a visa to travel to the USA ?

It depends on your country of origin. Czech citizens do not need any kind of visa to the USA. They are able to fill in an on - line form to get ESTA permission, the electronic system of traveling registration to the USA. 

Can foreigners buy, own and hold a property in Florida ?

The ownership of property is not limited in the USA. Foreigners can buy, own and hold property in Florida the same way as US citizens. It is not necessary to be a holder of an American ID or a green card. But do not forget that buying a property in Florida does not influence your immigration status. You are able to travel to the USA several times a year but if you want to stay longer than 90 days during a 6 month period you need a special type of visa. If interested, we can help you to apply for the type of visa you need.

When I buy or own a house or a condominium in Florida can I get a green card ?

The ownership of residential property entitles you to be a holder of a green card.

Is better to buy a property in Florida as a person or as a company ?

This is really up to the individual and depends on a wide variety of circumstances. For example, how often will you be at the property in Florida, would you like to rent the property, will there be just one or several joint owners of the property. We will work with you to figure out the appropriate ownership structure that fits your needs.

Is it possible to set up a company in Florida?

Yes, it is possible. Florida is pretty popular amongst businessmen and investors. There are two basic types of companies that differ as to their legal and tax characteristics:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) - is essentially an equivalent of the Czech private limited company, providing preservation of its owners’ assets. Income taxes are not paid by the company itself, but are transferred to its owners. Profits are taxed according to the proportion of shares in the company.
  • Corporation (CO., INC., CORP.) - double taxation is typical for this type of companies that pay corporate tax at both federal and state level. One exception is the so-called S-Corporation, offering the option to pay tax at the level of company partners. However, the S-Corporation is intended only for US citizens and residents. Foreigners need to establish so-called C-Corporations.


Are there any specific taxes for foreigners buying a property in Florida ?

There are no special taxes for foreigners buying a property in Florida. The purchased property will be regarded as your second home.  

As a buyer, are there any other fees or taxes that I must pay when buying a property in Florida ?

Yes, buying a property is connected with some fees and taxes in Florida:

the property inspection is about 500 USD
the assessment of the property 500 – 1.000 USD
the bank charges connected with the loan 1.000 – 3.000 USD
the tax from immaterial property (charged by the state of Florida) at about 200 – 300 USD
the legal and notary charges the insurance against enforcing the rights of third parties
the Title Insurance charges 1.000 - 2.000 USD
Documentary Stamp Tax of Deeds is about 0,7%

Is there any type of property tax associated with owning a property in Florida ?


Yes, property taxes are due once a year and cover most local public services such as schools, police, public sports grounds, public parks among other things. The rate of the tax varies and depends on the specific location or city in which the property is located, but does not exceed 1-2% of the properties assessed value.  

Is it necessary to file a US tax return even if I’m not a resident ?

Yes, as property owners even non-residents have to submit a federal tax return once a year, just like residents and citizens of the USA. You can subtract all kinds of costs from federal taxes such as interest on bank loans, traveling costs, local property taxes, etc. 


What kind of taxes are companies required to pay in Florida ?

The most significant advantage of setting up and doing business in Florida is that, like seven other states, there are no state level corporate income taxes. We would be happy to provide you with more information on this matter in person.  



What to Buy in Florida?

Florida is a fabled shopping paradise. Buying quality designer clothing, sportswear and consumer goods definitely pays off in here. You can get this merchandize up to a quarter cheaper than in the Czech Republic. However, as it is difficult to resist the attractive prices, be careful not to exceed the weight limit of your luggage. Otherwise your shopping will cost you a fortune.

How to pay in Florida

Nowadays credit cards are generally accepted. Check if you have your card activated for payments abroad before departure. Also make sure your card is embossed, i.e. it has imprinted or stamped details that you can feel above the card's surface, other types of cards may not be accepted. It is always a good idea to bring some cash, however avoid having more than 200 dollars on you and also avoid using large bank notes (50 and 100 dollar bills), if you do not want to attract unwanted attention.

Why choose Florida?

Various traveler charts name Florida as one of the most popular tourist destination. The thing is that everyone gets their money worth here - whether you want to relax year-round on Florida’s beautiful, long, sunny and sandy beaches, to experience adrenaline water sports, to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature in its numerous nature parks and reserves, to jump into the whirlwind of the nightlife or to spend unforgettable moments in some of its many amusement parks. All of this is within easy reach, by direct flights to Miami from Vienna or German airports, with a return ticket for about CZK 10,000. When traveling from Prague, you need to expect at least one transfer.

Where to Stay in Florida?

Florida offers many different types of accommodation facilities. It depends only on your budget and preferences; whether you prefer campsites, hostels, family-run guest houses or hotels. Book your accommodation in advance. If you come for a maximum of two weeks, we recommend you to pick a hotel, if you plan to stay for a longer time it is worth renting an apartment or house.

How to spend time in Florida?

There's a lot to do in Florida, all the time. You can relax on its beautiful sandy beaches, enjoy its gastronomy and shopping, try a variety of water sports, play golf, visit one of its many nature reserves or enjoy the attractions in its best-known amusement parks – the Walt Disney World or the Sea World. You sure will not get bored after sunset either - the party goes on night long in the clubs on South Beach, Miami Beach or in the Orlando downtown.

How to get around in Florida?

Since Florida is considerably huge, the best and most comfortable option for travelling around and getting to know it is a car. Car rentals are located on virtually every corner and their offers are enormously favorable. One thing you need to get behind the wheel is your driving license - in some cases the one with the EU flag displayed in its the corner is enough, but many car rentals require the international driver's license. The other thing you need is a credit card to pay and to put down a deposit. Practically all cars are equipped with an automatic transmission, which makes driving much easier. Add to this the excellent condition of the Florida roads and you really need not worry about anything.

Is staying in Florida safe?

Florida is considered a paradise for tourists, and the degree of security is high in here. In spite of that, there are certain places that are better to be avoided, especially after dark - for example, the slums in Miami. Pickpockets and thieves are probably the biggest risk for tourists. They usually occur in busy places. So keep an eye on your handbags, backpacks and pockets.


Who would take care of my property if I am not in Florida ?

You will need an administrator who will take care of your property when you will be out of the country. You can make use directly of our services or we can recommend the right administrator for your Florida property at your request.  

What are the associated costs of owning a property in Florida ?

The associated costs of owning a property in Florida depends on the specific type of property you wish to buy and the type of amenities you need. If your property is located in a private or gated community, the associated costs are much higher as they finance the maintenance of the communities’ swimming pools, fitness areas, tennis courts and golf courses. However, the main costs of any property are the utilities such as water, electricity and gas. It is also legally necessary to take care of one’s lawn or personal swimming pool, if you have one. There are also minor fees for any telephone, television or internet services you might need.

Is there a compulsory inspection of the property by a licensed expert ?

A compulsory inspection of the property is required if the buying of the property is financed by a bank. We nevertheless would recommend that an inspection of the property be carried out before buying. Through an inspection you are able to get real information about the property’s condition including an estimate of the real costs for any possible repairs. At the same time you will get a very good tool to negotiate the purchase prices with the seller.