Florida’s Must-See Places - Luring Cape Canaveral

Do you want to experience something truly special in Florida? Do you wish to discover something unique? Then the must-see list should not omit a visit to Cape Canaveral on Merrit Island. It is right here - about an hour and a half away from Orlando – that the greatest tourist magnets are to be found, that attract over a million visitors a year.

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Marked by Astronautics

Cape Canaveral houses the Kennedy Space Center, an area belonging to the National Aviation and Space Authority (NASA). It is named after US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who in 1961 made a memorable speech at the US Congress presenting a bold plan, namely to get man to the Moon by the end of the decade and to return him or her on Earth well and safe. And that is what happened. In 1969 already, the Apollo 11 launched from here towards the Moon with a human crew on board.

Seeking after Mystery and Adventure

Make sure you allow at least a day to visit the Space Center, because there is a lot to see. The best time to come here is during off season, or at least in the morning when you do not have to force your way through the crowds of tourists, can easily and fully enjoy the mysterious and adventurous atmosphere of the space and have a chance to take a closer look at the real rockets, shuttles and satellites that once set out to explore the universe, as well as their mock-ups, including the largest one – the 56 meters high space shuttle Explorer. Simulators will give you a hint of what the astronauts are feeling at launch, you will watch 3D movies about the space conquest in 3D cinemas and you will finish the tour of the center at the exposition called the Rocket Garden. This atypical garden features rockets and shuttles that once left our planet, as for instance Mercury, Atlas or Titan. We then recommend you to take the bus two-hour tour around the famous launch ramps. You have to pay extra for the bus trip, but the experience is definitely worth it.

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However, Cape Canaveral is not just the Kennedy Space Center. There also is the launch head of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, where the US Department of Defense space shuttles launch from. If you want to relax and absorb the acquired space experiences, go to the nearby beautiful sandy Cocoa Beach, a famous surfers' paradise, or or to the Jetty Park, where you can go fishing, kayaking or paddle boarding. You will certainly not be bored here.

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Florida offers plenty of beautiful places that are definitely worth seeing. Many people have fallen for Florida’s charms so much that they even found their second home here. If you are thinking about settling here, do not hesitate to contact us. We specialize in the sale of houses, apartments and new properties in Florida. We can also help you with their rental and purchase. We will easily deal with commercial properties and lands too. Just name your dream, we’ll make it come true.