Traveling to the USA – Take it Step by Step

Are you planning to travel to the USA for the first time? And are you worried about the journey? Everybody gets nervous and anxious from time to time. But there’s nothing to worry about, we'll guide you step by step to your final destination. We’ll tell you what to expect, and advise you on how to get things done smoothly and without the slightest hassle. Nothing will keep you from getting to your dream destination and from fully enjoying it.

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Necessary documents

Czech citizens do not need US visas since 2008. However, they are required to obtain an ESTA travel permit. Although the arrangement of ESTA permit usually takes just a few minutes, it is recommended that you apply for it at least three days before your journey. To apply, you need your valid passport and a completed form, which you can find on the website. After filling in the necessary information, you will pay a fee of $ 14. To avoid any nuisance, please print the confirmation out.

Checking In

Be at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled plane departure so that you have sufficient time in case of any unexpected complications. You’ve got several options: either check in on-line, at a special self check-in kiosk, or at the airport check-in desks. You will get a boarding pass and your luggage will be checked in at the airport desk. Get informed in advance of what are the airline limits as to the permitted weight and number of luggage pieces. Most airlines allow one piece of luggage weighting up to 23 kg. Each gram above the limit will cost you extra money. Do not put food or drink into your suitcases. Your luggage may be opened during its journey to the USA, in which case any food or drink will be thrown away.

Before Boarding

Traveling by plane has its strict rules, especially as to the hand luggage. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, you can only take liquids, creams, gels and pastes with maximum volume of 100 ml on board, and their total volume must not exceed one liter. Be careful, because the screening of hand luggage is extremely strict and anything that is not permitted will automatically go into the trash. Exceptions include baby food, special dietary ingredients and medicines. You will nevertheless need a medical certificate for the latter. Pack the items mentioned above carefully into a resealable plastic bag that is available at the airport. During the security screening, put the plastic bag on the tray that passes through the scanner. Besides that, put on the tray your wallet, mobile phone, keys, necklaces, watches and other metal items so that you can pass through the metal detector. At the gate, you just present your passport and boarding pass and you can board the plane.

Airport - Florida Homes

On the Plane

The flight to the USA takes seven hours on average. If you want your flight to New York, Miami or any other destination to pass faster, try to make it as pleasant as possible. Wear comfortable clothes and equip yourself with a cushion. You will certainly appreciate a small snack too, since the pauses between meals served on board can be a little longer. You can easily pack cookies into your hand luggage. Fight boredom by sleeping, reading a book, listening to music or watching movies. Before landing in the USA, the cabin crew distributes customs declaration forms. Fill in the form and hand it over to the customs officers at the airport.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival you will have to undergo an immigration inspection, which is aimed at detecting of undesirable persons coming to the US. The clerk will take a picture of you, take your fingerprints, check your passport, or ask you a few questions, as for instance: how long you plan to stay in the country, where you will stay, what are your plans, etc. The entire procedure usually takes a few minutes. Then you get a stamp and you can go and pick up your luggage. The last stage of the whole journey is the customs check, where you hand in the completed form from the plane and you are finally “free”. As the airports of major US cities are usually located far from the city centers, arrange transportation before you set out for the journey. You will not have to worry about anything and it will cost you much less comparing to the transport arranged at the airport after landing.

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